Can Hearing Aids Help Prevent Dementia?

Hearing aids can make a dramatic difference in the life of a person who has hearing loss. Improved hearing leads to improved communication and connection with the world. Now, a study published in the Journal of the America Medical Association (JAMA) Neurology shows that managing hearing loss with hearing aids may help reduce or prevent dementia.

What Happens After You Discover A Thyroid Nodule?

Thyroid nodules, sometimes known as goiters, are a common and usually harmless phenomenon that involves a growth of cells within the thyroid gland. However, in some cases, a thyroid nodule may be something more serious, such as cancer or cells that elevate thyroid hormone levels, and thus pose a health risk. In these cases, a thyroid nodule may require the attention of a surgical specialist, usually an otolaryngologist (ENT doctor) experienced in treating disorders of the thyroid and parathyroid glands. 

Are Your Ears Bad To The Bone?

Otosclerosis is a common condition that causes mild-to-severe hearing loss due to abnormal bone growth inside the ear. It affects millions of Americans each year and is thought to be hereditary. Women are most at risk for otosclerosis. The term itself is derived from “oto” (of the ear) and “sclerosis” (abnormal bone remodeling or hardening).

Should I Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Living with the Covid virus (COVID-19, Coronavirus) has certainly created a challenging and confusing time for us all. For many people, it has resulted in a period of distress and uncertainty unlike any previously experienced. After much anticipation, COVID-19 vaccines are finally being distributed, but now people seem to be reeling with an entirely new set of concerns.

What’s The Point Of Allergy Shots? Allergy Drops Are An Effective, Safer Alternative

Allergy shots (allergy immunotherapy) have been around for decades. For many people, allergy shots can be an effective medical therapy for severe allergy symptoms. For others, the inconvenience of frequent trips to a medical office and fear of needles make allergy shots an unattractive form of allergy treatment. For those patients, allergy drops may be …

Is It Snot Or Not? A Brief Guide To What Can Come Out Of Your Nose

From the smallest of babies to the oldest of adults, at some point, everyone has had a “runny nose.” The mucus that comes out of our nose is most commonly referred to as snot. But sometimes your nose produces more than mucus. It’s important to know the difference between mucus, pus, polyps, cerebrospinal fluid, and a foreign object so you will know when to seek the care of a physician. So read on to learn how you too can identify whether it is snot or not.

PANDAS – What Every Parent Needs to Know

What is PANDAS? In recent years, there has been a growing body of information and awareness among the medical community of a rare but concerning consequence of GABHS infection (a.k.a. acute tonsillitis or “strep throat”) called Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcal Infections, commonly referred to as PANDAS. This is a specific phenomenon that …