Tips For Reducing The Effects Of Environmental Allergens

Tips For Reducing The Effects Of Environmental Allergens

Allergens are all around us. From the outdoors to our home, common sources of allergies like pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and mold can make life miserable. Immunotherapy in the form of allergy shots or allergy drops at CornerStone Ear, Nose & Throat can create an immunity to these environmental allergens, but there are also steps you can take each day to reduce the impact of allergies on you and your family. This article offers some overall advice as well … Continued

Pollen, Animal Dander, Dust Mites, and Mold

Pollen, Animal Dander, Dust Mites, and Mold – Taking Control Of Common Allergens

Pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and mold have an immeasurable impact on people with allergies. These allergens seem to be present in every aspect of life, but once you learn more about them and understand how to reduce your exposure to them, you can improve your health and your life. Pollen It’s remarkable just how much discomfort tiny pollen particles can cause. Pollen from grasses, trees, and weeds can trigger runny noses, itchy eyes, sneezing, and even skin irritation. Depending … Continued

What’s The Point Of Allergy Shots? Dropper with allergy drops liquid over bottle against blurred organic background, closeup.

What’s The Point Of Allergy Shots? Allergy Drops Are An Effective, Safer Alternative

Allergy shots (allergy immunotherapy) have been around for decades. For many people, allergy shots can be an effective medical therapy for severe allergy symptoms. For others, the inconvenience of frequent trips to a medical office and fear of needles make allergy shots an unattractive form of allergy treatment. For those patients, allergy drops may be a much better alternative to achieve similar, long-lasting relief of allergy symptoms. (More on that later.) A Brief History Of Allergies Allergic rhinitis is among … Continued

Do You Have Allergies Or A Cold?

Do You Have Allergies Or A Cold?

You cough, you sneeze and you suffer from congestion and a runny nose. But to get the relief you need, you must answer this big question: Do you have allergies or a cold? First, it’s important to know the differences between allergies and colds. The common cold and its symptoms usually begin when a virus enters your body, and your system reacts by fighting it. Allergy symptoms are the result of an overactive immune system. Your body mistakenly acts as … Continued

Sinus Surgery Success - The Importance of Topical Medical Therapy

Sinus Surgery Success – The Importance of Topical Medical Therapy

For patients who have already undergone sinus surgery, whether it’s balloon sinuplasty or endoscopic sinus surgery, medicated saline irrigations can be an important part of long-term postoperative medical care. Chronic sinusitis is typically the result of a combination of physical obstruction problems and environmental inflammatory problems that lead to a chronic or recurring bacterial or fungal infection. Logically, sinus surgery only serves to resolve the physical or obstruction aspect of the condition. So, as I like to explain to my … Continued

Managing Nasal Polyps

Managing Nasal Polyps – Symptoms, Treatments, Options

Generally speaking, most patients are familiar with polyps as they relate to a colonoscopy and their potential to become cancerous. Although polyps are most notably associated with the colon, they can also occur in the stomach, the uterus and even the nasal cavity. Though they may sound scary, nasal polyps are almost always non-cancerous (benign). Nevertheless, we take this condition seriously and believe all patients with nasal polyps should be cared for by an otolaryngologist, because nasal polyposis can adversely … Continued

Three Factors That Lead To Chronic Nasal and Sinus Problems And How To Fix Them

Three Factors That Lead To Chronic Nasal and Sinus Problems And How To Fix Them

Over the past few years, the healthcare industry has been obsessed with finding a better allergy medicine and the “right antibiotic” to finally cure chronic nasal and sinus problems. Patients caught in a seemingly endless cycle of short-term relief followed by a return to stuffy heads and sinus pressure remain skeptical about the promise of new treatment options. One thing is clear. Based on advancements in our understanding of chronic and recurring sinus infections, there is no one-step cure for … Continued

Balloon Sinuplasty

Chronic Sinusitis Sufferer Undergoes Breakthrough Sinus Procedure in the Doctor’s Office – A Procedure Traditionally Performed in the Operating Room

CornerStone Ear, Nose & Throat, PA offers our patients the benefit of a minimally invasive technology in the comfort of the office. Using only topical/local anesthetic, we can treat your sinus disease by gently dilating the sinus outflow tracts with a balloon catheter. Our surgeons are trained and experienced to perform this procedure in the office. CornerStone Ear, Nose & Throat was the first practice in Charlotte to perform these Balloon Sinuplasty procedures in the office and remains the leader … Continued