Eardrum Perforations

Ruptured Or Perforated Eardrums

A ruptured or torn eardrum can be associated with drainage from the ear, hearing loss, infection, vertigo/dizziness, earaches, and general discomfort. Eardrum ruptures can be caused by:

  • Loud noises close to the ear (gunshot or explosion)
  • A foreign object, such as a cotton swab, being stuck too far into the ear canal
  • Rapid changes in ear pressure due to flying or diving
  • Infection of the air space behind the eardrum (middle ear space)

The eardrum will often heal itself after a rupture or tear. However, to determine the severity of the damage and to assess whether the eardrum healed correctly and fully, an ear, nose, and throat specialist should examine the ear. A hearing test and examination under the microscope may also be recommended.