1. Call our office to confirm that a post-operative appointment has been scheduled for 2 to 4
    weeks after the surgery.
  2. The operation to place tubes generally causes little discomfort. Should there be a complaint of
    pain, use Tylenol in an appropriate dosage.
  3. There may be some blood-tinged drainage on the cotton we place into the ear after the
    operation. This is normal and the bleeding should stop within 24 hours. Some drainage may
    persist as long as drops are given.
  4. You are prescribed ear drops. These are to be used in the following manner:
    • Place 3-5 drops in each ear, 3 times a day
    • After 3 days, place the bottle of the drops into the refrigerator.
    • Read instructions on proper technique for giving drops.
  5. Should there be a significant amount of yellow, bloody or green drainage from either ear after
    completing the 3 days of drops, resume using the drops and call our office for an appointment.
  6. The ears must be protected from water if they are submerged after the placement of tubes.
    Please use the ear plugs our office has available or substitute cotton rolled in Vaseline. Cotton
    alone will not work.
  7. When going swimming, use a bathing cap or waterproof headband along with the earplugs.
    Headbands are available at our office.
  8. Ask about the custom-made ear molds our audiologist can make for the best water protection.
    We recommend this for older children who may be diving or playing actively in the water.
  9. Water protection is not necessary with casual exposure to water such as showering or playing
    with a hose.
  10. If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to call the office closest to you.