1. Call our office to confirm that a post-operative appointment has been scheduled for 6-8 days
    after surgery.
  2. The patient understands there will be a need for 3-4 weekly postoperative visits in the office
    at which time his nasal and sinus passages will be endoscopically debrided.
  3. To reduce swelling, sleep with 2-3 pillows and you can run a humidifier at your bedside if
    you own one.
  4. For the first week, get periodic bed rest and avoid bending, lifting or straining. Please do not
    do vigorous exercise for approximately 3 weeks.
  5. Change the gauze dressing under your nose as necessary. Feel free to remove it if you prefer.
  6. Avoid blowing your nose. When you sneeze, keep your mouth open to avoid building up
  7. Packing after sinus surgery is rarely performed. However, if packing was used, please leave
    it in place.
  8. It is often difficult to breathe through your nose for several weeks because of swelling. Thick
    post-nasal drip, crusting in the nasal airways, and numbness of upper teeth are normal.
  9. For pain, take the medication that has been prescribed for you or Tylenol.
    • Do not take aspirin, Motrin (ibuprofen) or Advil.
    • If you are allergic to Tylenol, please inform your physician.
    • An antibiotic may also be prescribed. Take these medications as directed. Do not drive while taking pain medication.
  10. Call your physician if any of the following should happen:
    • A fever develops above 101 degrees
    • Any excessive prolonged bleeding is noted
    • Rash
  11. Bloody discharge is normal for up to two weeks. Call if bright red, brisk bleeding occurs.
    If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call our office at 704/289-8220.