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It's always wonderful to hear directly from our patients when they have had a great experience at CornerStone Ear, Nose & Throat. Watch our videos and read the 5-star reviews on this page to see what real patients have to say about our practice, doctors and staff.

Roy from the Maney Roy & LauRen show on Kiss 95.1 chose CornerStone Ear, Nose & Throat.

Years of sinus infections came to an end for Mark after undergoing balloon sinuplasty.

Mylindra was able to breathe through her nose for the first time in years after choosing our practice.

After an unsuccessful sinus surgery at another practice, Joanna found relief with us.

5-Star Reviews

Mya Rutto

Mya Rutto - A satisfied CornerStone Ear, Nose & Throat patient

Thank You Dr. McClelland For The Outstanding Care

For the first time since my unexpected hearing loss, I found a doctor who truly listened to my concerns and explained all of my options. Thank you Dr. McClelland for the outstanding care!! Also, thank you to his audiologist for introducing me to hearing aids. I am so happy that I can hear from my right ear again.

Jim Henderlite

Jim Henderlite - A satisfied CornerStone Ear, Nose & Throat patient

Highly Recommend CornerStone ENT

Very friendly and professional organization. I thought the visit with the audiologist, Stephanie Griffin, was very thorough and painstakingly done. She explained the results of my test very clearly and precisely. Dr. Gerry was very helpful in explaining in more detail the hearing testing and observations that Ms. Griffin and he did. I’m hopeful the tinnitus issue and itchy ears will improve thanks to their help. Highly recommend CornerStone ENT.

Patricia D'Agata

Patricia D'Agata - A satisfied CornerStone Ear, Nose & Throat patient

I Would Recommend This Practice Without Hesitation

The staff is very kind and professional. A very comforting atmosphere. Dr. Gerry and Candice were quite the team. Having the procedure without pain was their #1 concern. Lovely bedside manners. They answered every question I had throughout the procedure. For a not-so-pleasant procedure, they were able to keep me comfortable and not overwhelmed. I am very grateful for their attention to detail and delicate “touch” since the procedure was on my face. I would recommend this practice without hesitation!!!

Paul Dillon

Paul Dillon - A satisfied CornerStone Ear, Nose & Throat patient

My Visit Was Thorough And Informative

The staff was courteous and friendly. My visit was thorough and informative. Options were explained and appreciated. Felt better walking out both physically and mentally.

Emelia Roller

Emilia Roller - A satisfied CornerStone Ear, Nose & Throat patient

I’ll Definitely Be Going Back If I Have Any More ENT Issues

Entire staff and doctor were pleasant and professional. The doctor took his time with me then successfully remedied my medical issue – nose bleeds. It’s been a week and no nose bleeds! I’ll definitely be going back if I have any more ENT issues.

Edward Myers

Edward Myers - A satisfied CornerStone Ear, Nose & Throat patient

I Literally Cried Tears Of Joy

I literally cried tears of joy. I was finally able to take a breath through my nose in 22 years! Thank you so much, Dr. Gerry. You were so amazing. I can’t say thank you enough.

Tracey Leitner

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My Visit Was Great

My visit was great. The audiologist Stephanie was very nice and explained everything very well. Karen the PA was very thorough and communicated very well. The receptionist was outstanding also. Very personable!

Donald Merrill

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Excellent Patient Care

Dr. Stephanie Griffin was thorough, informative, and provided excellent patient care.

Jacqueline Squatrito

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Wonderful Staff And Doctors

Wonderful staff and doctors, little to no wait time. Doctors are very thorough and do not rush through appointments. Super clean offices also!

Hao-Hsin Huang

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Dr. Gerry Is The Best Ent I Have Ever Had

The staff is very pleasant. Dr. Gerry is the best ENT I have ever had. I would highly recommend this practice!!!

Ena Bermudez

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I Was Able To Get A Same Day Appointment

I was able to get a same day appointment, which was amazing especially with Covid going on but they knew my situation needed to be addressed. The doctor was able to provide some answers that I wasn’t able to get from my other doctor in 6 months. The front desk staff is so friendly and overall I had such a great experience. I will be using this location again for any future ENT needs.

Charles Browning

Charles Browning - A satisfied CornerStone Ear, Nose & Throat patient

I Left With A Good Feeling About My Hearing Issue

My very first visit to a doctor concerning my gradual loss of hearing. Not a sudden or acute loss, just a gradual, through the years, type loss. I am 76 years old, retired railroad, and assumed due to my previous career and age, this loss was ‘normal’. I was greeted and treated with the utmost care and respect immediately upon arrival. The audio specialist who administered my exam was thorough, knowledgeable, and answered every question. I never felt rushed or hurried. Doctor McClelland was very professional and informed me I did have a loss of hearing, but nothing was wrong that could not be remedied. I left with a good feeling about my hearing issue and would recommend this practice to anyone.

Bill Grey

Bill Grey, a satisfied CornerStone Ear, Nose & Throat patient

Dr. McClelland Is Great

Dr. McClelland is great. He really knows a great deal about sinuses and is an experienced surgeon. The office is well run and the staff is very friendly.

Ray Misiunas

Ray Misiunas - A satisfied CornerStone Ear, Nose & Throat patient

A Fantastic Practice

A fantastic practice. I have been going to see Dr. McCelland for 8 years. He’s a great doctor and surgeon. He’s always concerned about his patients and listens to what you have to say. If you’re ever in need of an ENT specialist I highly recommend him. You will not be disappointed.

Roy Jennings

Roy Jennings - A satisfied CornerStone Ear, Nose & Throat patient

Thanks To Them I Finally Know What The Issue Is

I have struggled with chronic sinus infections and obstructed breathing most of my adult life. Thanks to them, I finally know what the issue is and for the first time in a long while feel totally confident and excited that I found a doctor (Dr. McClelland) and staff that are there for me!

Donald Knight

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Outstanding In All Aspects

Outstanding in all aspects: The reception team, medical staff, accounting personnel and the good doctor himself all worked together to make this surgical experience the best of my life. Despite requiring significant surgical intervention during my nasal procedure, I did not require pain relievers more assertive than acetaminophen. No black eyes, no significant downtime. Cornerstone utilizes the most advanced techniques available today. Combined with Dr. McClelland and his surgical team’s skill makes even difficult procedures like mine easily tolerated and the recovery short. Well done, all!

Austin Rodgers

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This Was Without A Doubt The Best Doctors Experience I’ve Ever Had

This was without a doubt the best doctors experience I’ve ever had. I was a little nervous as I’d never been to an ENT before & didn’t know what to expect. However, as soon as I walked into the office I felt comfortable. The receptionist, Dianne, immediately greeted me with a smile and was a sweetheart. I waited less than 30 seconds to be taken to the back, and within 3 or 4 minutes Dr. McClelland came in (quickest I’ve ever been seen by a doctor). He listened to me, made me feel comfortable by talking through options, and most importantly cared about me as a patient. If you’re looking for an ENT – GO SEE DR.McCLELLAND!

Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller - A satisfied CornerStone Ear, Nose & Throat patient

Choose Cornerstone You Won’t Be Disappointed

After looking on Nextdoor and FB for hearing doctor recommendations I came down to two: Dr. McClelland with Cornerstone and a Dr. Puri with Charlotte ENT. Then I started reading reviews of the actual facilities and looking at reviews and by what most people said, Cornerstone won hands down. Charlotte was a typical “big box store” kind of place with long waits, rude staff, and canceled/very delayed appointments. I’ve been to places like that, not pleasant at all. As for CornerStone, I was glad to see the reviews were correct. It had more of a family atmosphere with super friendly staff, very clean and professional looking everywhere you went within the facility, and appointments they were actually on time (within reason). As for Dr. McClelland, he is now one of my two favorite doctors in the last 30 years, friendly and VERY easy to talk to. Beyond that, though he looks at everything. I went in for a hearing checkup and we spent most of the time talking about my blocked nasal passages and my deviated septum. There was no pressure at all, he just placed in front of me what was going on, the path he would recommend, and then left me to take time and figure out for myself what I want to do. That’s EXACTLY what I want in a doctor. In a nutshell: choose Cornerstone. You won’t be disappointed!